Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, Diane!

I had the privilege of making myKakes for my dear friend, Diane, for her 39th Birthday Bash! Her husband threw a fabulous party in her honor at Toulouse in Saugatuck, Michigan. She requested my cupcakes as her birthday dessert, but he mentioned he had already taken care of the dessert portion of the meal. Imagine her surprise when she found out that secretly, he already ordered my creation just for her and all her friends she dined with that evening!

Her husband and I decided upon coconut cupcakes, chocolate with chocolate butter cream, and the ever popular lemon with lavender infused butter cream. The birthday girl had three; one before dinner, one after the meal was served, and one when she returned home that evening!

Diane, I hope you had a fabulous birthday, and I thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

Sneaking a cupcake from the secret stash under the table!

Myself with Diane, the honoree of the evening, and my dear friend, Veronica.

Flavors of choice:

Chocolate with chocolate butter cream
Coconut with coconut cream cheese frosting
Lemon with lavender butter cream

Diane and her husband, Rich. I think he got brownie points that evening (or should I say myKakes points)!

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Rich Sinclair said...

Myka -
Thank you so much for your delightful myKakes! They were, in a word... WOW! My personal favorite was the lemon kake with lavendar butter cream frosting. A delicious blend of citrus and the unique lavedar butter frosting. I could've eaten a dozen myself!

Diane's favorite was the coconut cream. The very first thing she devoured upon arriving at the party - even before dinner! They were beautiful and yummy. Can't wait to have some again!